Our Services

  • Bulk Meals prepared and served on site from 100 to 50,000 meals
  • Meals prepared off site, and served on site
  • Packed Meals
  • Special Event Catering
  • Outdoor Catering
  • Educational Catering
  • Corporate industries and events
  • In-House kitchen and tuck Shops

In-House kitchen and tuck Shops

Quick bites

Sandwiches, juices, Maggi, Omelettes etc

Cafe Blends

instant coffee and tea machines with regular services

New Ayush Herbal

Masala tea, Diabetic tea,Tulsi tea, Kashaya, Yellow milk

Big Bites

Rolls, Momos

Hunger Hub- Live counters

Dosa, Paratha, Chiniese, Chats

Fresh Cane juice

Fresh Sugarcane juice

Lassi Korner


We can also prepare any other special type of customized menu for your unique satisfaction.

Fine dining and food court

Birthdays and other private parties

Outdoor parties and events