Why Kitchen Affairs

Why choose us

How we go about our services

You can count us for the following qualities. When you order : Hygienic food delivery, Courteous and professional attitude of staff, Timely delivery of services, Top- notch organizational skills amongst others.

Delivery Compliance

Operational priority remains Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Health, Environment, Food Safety

Safeguarding the health and safety of

  • Our people
  • Esteemed clients
  • Minimising the impact of our operations on the local environment and the world at large.

Human Resource Development

  • Recruitment on time
  • Regular training programs
  • Learning by doing method of skill development
  • Skill assessment drives
  • Rewards & recognition practices

Legal Compliances

  • Abiding by minimum wage requirements
  • ESIC, PF, Licensing
  • Other labour mandates


We use only branded ingredients procured from reputed suppliers. Imbibing the flavors of the fresh Meat, Vegetables and Fruits in town, the most quality ridden groceries, spices and nuts, our menus sparkle distinction that challenge the very taste buds of fastidious food connoisseurs or gourmets. Our promise to offer the food of the Gods is complete through a rich selection of delectable desserts. All our food is prepared under stringent hygienic conditions and care is taken at every step to ensure that the final product leaves a lasting impression on every one who partakes of the feast. Our kitchens and food preparation processes adhere to world class standards such as HACCP, USPH and FSSAI